Claim Your Voice

Who needs this workshop? Any woman in a fat and larger body who wants:

  • to feel more confident in communicating for the purpose of being understood, truly heard.
  • to become more comfortable taking up space.
  • her gorgeousness seen, just as she is.

Growing up in a body that society deems unacceptable leaves many of us feeling we have to become small. For me that meant not standing out in any way to prevent judgement and rejection. I was quiet, shy, and tried to move unnoticed. There was a moment I decided I wanted to be heard, to be seen. The information I share with you in this workshop helped me become more confident in speaking when I decided I wanted to be heard, to show up.

Why this workshop? Clients often tell me, “I wish I knew this stuff when I was younger!” To which I say “YES!” If I had known what I am going to share with you earlier in my life I would have had more confidence in my abilities to genuinely express myself, had more productive and meaningful conversations, and I would have embraced who I am sooner.

This Communication Skills Workshop was formed from a decade worth of gathering information in a variety of arenas and experiences. If you want to get clear about what you want to share with others while in a group of bodies like yours, join me! We will build upon your speaking and listening skills so you get heard and understood and can have better connections with others. I would love to see you. I would love to HEAR you!

The Workshop

Attend a live, 8-week Communication Skills Workshop. In community with fat and larger bodies, you will learn and practice the most effective ways to create and communicate:

  1. EnVision your Voice
  2. Express your Feelings
  3. Wants or Needs
  4. Demands or Requests
  5. Put it all together
  6. Have you been understood?
  7. Your turn to Listen!
  8. Meaningful Apologies


When: Join us Wednesdays starting January 17, 2024 at 1pmCST through March 6th, 2024.

Where: We will meet on Zoom and an email with the meeting link will be sent to you prior to each session starting.

Choose an option that works best for you!

  1. 8-week LIVE workshop and 6 coaching sessions to be used in 3 months: $1997 (Save $300!)
  2. 8-week LIVE workshop and 3 coaching sessions to be used in 3 months: $1197 (Save $200!)
  3. 8-week LIVE workshop: $497
  4. 8-week Recorded wokshop: $497. If you can’t join us for the live workshop, don’t let that hold you back! Catch the digital version 24/7 and view the workshop at your own pace. I don’t want anyone to miss out on this information and experience!

Next Step

Contact me to set up a Free Consultation to see if this workshop or any other services I offer could be the right fit for you. Fastest reply: Email me at Or leave a voicemail: 319.849.8688. I look forward to connecting with you!