I help women in Fat and Larger Bodies

Become more comfortable being seen and heard. Address any fears of these things like a fierce lioness. Or tigress. Roar! Or Meooow.

Have the relationship they want with themselves, and others.

Build community in a courageous space.

This may be the place for you if you live in a fat and larger body and want to be seen. And at the same time you may be afraid of being seen. Or if you don’t feel heard or understood. Or if you struggle to feel confident in your larger body while navigating a fat-phobic culture.

Coaching, Fat & Larger Body Connection Groups,
Workshops, and More

What do coaching, fat & larger body connection groups, and workshops have to offer you?

Like you, I know living in a fat and larger body brings unwanted looks, comments and judgements, and stress from anticipating the movements of your body in all kinds of situations like booking a flight or moving through a packed restaurant. And while you’re navigating what is coming at you from the outside, it is nothing compared to the cruel conversations taking placing inside your head. And if you have any other “isms” that make you stand out as an “other”, being fat and in a larger body is one more layer of stress and pain you navigate as you move through this world.

While we can’t change what comes at us from the outside, we can change what happens on the inside and the energy and words we put outward. Together, we can change how you see and treat yourself, how you show up, and how you face challenging situations. We can do this one-on-one, in a small group of fat and larger bodies, or in workshops where you strengthen areas of your life. Whatever you choose, you don’t have to go it alone.

So – ask yourself. Are you tired of:

  • criticizing yourself or your body?
  • trying to shrink your body?
  • making yourself smaller so you aren’t so visible?
  • apologizing because your body takes up space?
  • second guessing your every move or word to avoid further judgment?
  • masking who you really are to try to prevent further unwanted bs?

Or are you unsure of where to start in making a change, or even afraid to do so? If so, give me a call! Let’s take some time to connect and see if, together, we can get you more of what you want.