Summer Camp 2024 starts in 1 WEEK! Limited slots available!

I support women in fat and larger bodies

Become more comfortable being seen and heard. Address any fears of these things like a fierce lioness. Or tigress. Roar! Or Meooow.

Have the relationship they want with themselves, and others.

Build community in a courageous space.

This may be the place for you if you live in a fat and larger body and want support. Want to be seen. Or if you don’t feel heard or understood. Or if you struggle to feel confident in your larger body while navigating a fat-phobic culture. And at the same time, you may be afraid of one or all of these things.

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Dear Gorgeous,

Yes, Dear One, I am talking to you! Gorgeous, Precious you.

Like you, I know living in a fat and larger body brings unwanted looks, comments, and judgements. Just for walking into a room. And it can hurt or cause anxiety. Daily, you face a litany of harmful messages wrapped in pretty-bowed promises that don’t have long-term research to back their claims up. We’re engrained with false stories of what “health” means and looks like. Truth share: Multiple times I told others my latest “lifestyle change” endeavors in hopes they’d join me so I wouldn’t go through that crap alone.

You have been told indirectly or directly, probably from a very young age, that you need to do different so your body will be different. And if you experience other means of oppression, being fat and in a larger body is an added layer of pain as you move through this world. So much of your time and mental energy is spent anticipating your body moving through all kinds of situations like weigh-ins at the doctor’s office, clothes shopping, or moving through a busy restaurant. As you navigate all that comes at you from the outside, it doesn’t compare to the cruel conversations taking placing inside your head.

While we can’t change what comes at us from the outside, we can change what happens on the inside and is reflected outward. Together, we can change how you see and what you say to yourself, how you show up with others, and how you face challenging situations. We can do this one-on-one, in a small group of women in fat and larger bodies, at Summer Camp, or in workshops where you strengthen areas of your life. Whatever you choose, you don’t have to do it alone.

With Love,


Ask yourself, “Am I tired of”

  • criticizing myself or my body?
  • trying to shrink my body?
  • making myself smaller so I’m less visible?
  • apologizing because I take up space?
  • second guessing my every move or word so I avoid potential or further judgment?
  • masking who I really am to try to prevent further unwanted bs?

Or are you unsure of where to start in embracing your body and Gorgeous yourself? Or are you afraid to discover what it might be like? If anything here is landing with you and you are ready to do entertain the idea of doing something different, give me a call! Let’s take some time to connect and see if, together, we can get you closer to where you want to be.

Remember – Summer Camp 2024 starts in 1 WEEK! Limited slots available!