Fat and Larger Body Connections

So many of us who live in Fat and Larger Bodies long for spaces and relationships where we can show up as our true selves, in the bodies we are in, and feel we belong. Many of us want to feel heard, be understood and accepted (not necessarily agreed with).  If this is something you are interested in or have been longing for, consider joining us! In a brave and compassionate space, we practice communicating what is in the present moment inside of ourselves, as well as what is happening in relationship to the group.

Intimacy is human beings dancing with respect, openness, and vulnerability with an appreciation for one another’s concerns in an absence of threat or invalidation.

Fat and Larger Body Connections is a powerful group whose purpose is to bring a sense of belonging and deeper connections in relationships with ourselves, our bodies, and others. Fat and Larger Body Connections provides:

  • A brave space to connect with your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and senses
  • A place where you are listened to and “with-nessed” (or witnessed)
  • A space to experience new thoughts and ideas and gain insight
  • An opportunity to speak for what is happening in the present moment
  • An opportunity to experience conflict resolution with support and compassion
  • and more…

More Info

Together, in a small group of 5-7 Fat and Larger Bodies we:

  • Share our body stories in a kind, loving, and compassionate container.
  • Identify the intersections of “isms” and phobias our bodies experience.
  • Support each group member in being with their body in a more loving and compassionate way.
  • Create the kind of group we want! We can explore (or not!) adding to the group the use of art, readings, music, or movement.
  • View a flyer with more information: Fat and Larger Bodies.

Contact me to learn about Fat and Larger Bodies Connections Group. Call 319.849.8688 or email andrea@choicesinside.com.

*Current and former therapy clients cannot participate in these groups with me as it would cause a dual relationship.*

**Please be aware this is not a support group or therapy group. Insurance cannot be used or submitted to for reimbursement.**